Test extension works!

  • Implemented Jerry Stratton’s extension to create multiple copies of an object. Nice extension for a first timer – no typos and great post.
  • Looked at ~/.config/inkscape/extension-errors.log after errors encountered in running this extension. Removed extension-errors.log after each resolution of problem.then opened fresh inkscape and reran extension.
  • Required install of latex, pstoedit, skencil, gimp, dia (I installed dia-gnome), transfig
  • Useful commands:
    • less extension-errors.log /*puts log on screen one page at a time, press <spacebar> to get prompt, Q to quit*/
    • rm extension-errors.log /*erases the file so that after next inkscape extension test, only relevant messages will be in log*/
    • If error message states that an application is missing, type that app name in the command line. Ubuntu will state that app is not installed, and give you syntax of command, including the name of the package, to install that application. Neat. Saves alot of time.

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