Prairie vole, museum curate, or video game fodder?

I’ve been thinking about some of the reasons which motivate my efforts in producing this product.

Some of it has to be the  joy of sharing. The ability to feel joy while sharing knowledge is probably a bit like a person’s ability to pair bond.  Either one’s genes are expressed to enable an outpouring of oxytocin and vasopressin , or they aren’t.  But whereas the majority of the world’s population carry genetic material for pair bonding, it seems like a minority have the genes for the joy of sharing. Hoarding knowledge? Not for me.  I feel like a cross between a tent-revival preacher and a prairie vole of sewing techniques.

At a more dry level which doesn’t necessarily involve sharing of bodily fluids, translating traditional design techniques into software provides documentation, preservation and accessibility to the old ways via a new media. Like a museum-on-demand along with a  fully functional take-home kit. Sparking new life into something that simply wasn’t moving, perhaps to die like a shark in stasis. But on the other hand, the life of this project in my head could turn out to be like a video game where my miscalculations have me wandering towards the dead end of a maze, naively believing that I can evade the never-ending hunger and persistence of Ms. Pac-man to eventually track me down.

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