Waiting for Processing

Ordered two programming books today.

Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art

Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists

It’s been easy to get to information regarding editing selected Inkscape objects from within an extension, but for some reason I can’t find class information, syntax, etc. regarding *creating* a line, polyline, or polygon object from within an extension. I’m aware of the absolute and relative command sets of moveto, lineto, etc in the svg spec, but don’t know how to do these using python calls.  Started looking into pturtle.py, and navigated to Processing.org where these books were recommended for artists and graphics designers.  Don’t know if they’ll provide a tidy answer, but the books look promising. I’ve done my share of writing perl & python scripts to grep log files, creating bruteforce html to provide centralized access to MRTG and HPOpenView and other datacenter tools,  scripting black hat security tests, and posting easy-to-read big font wikis documenting software bugs so the programmers can’t continue to deny that their  beta device’s GUI is putting the wrong IP in the ARP packets thereby destroying the routing & switching information and data connections ( including disrupting secure connections to corporate email servers not to mention the VP’s connection to ebay and porn sites) in the nearest upstream AND downstream routers/layer-3-switches at regularly defined intervals, but I’m not a programmer, dammit. Not yet.  :]

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