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The previous great SVG learning site that I blogged about earlier was out of date in 2009.  The current version is at the W3 site.  It’s been there for some time. And it’s still the best I’ve found.

Here’s the current SVG Primer:

It appears that SVG is a bit like Erector sets.  It’s actually pretty simple, but with SVG/Python/Inkscape so many people have done so many complicated things with it, that it ain’t easy to peel back the layers to learn how to start building from scratch.

It’s hard to find source data that reveals the foundational information on building SVG in a way that doesn’t follow the  ‘example 1, example 2, that’s enough info you don’t need to know where the extra information in those examples came from or why they were necessary to make this work’ formula.

This blog is a journal about my experience in learning to program. And about my experience in creating open source fashion design software using Python, SVG and Inkscape.  Exciting for the world, eh?  I’m trying to document how through lots of work I can find tiny a bit of basic info here and a tiny bit elsewhere.  It’s slow. Very very slow.

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