Garment patterns didn’t fit most people…even in 1853

From “The Complete Guide to Practical Cutting (1853)” by Edward Minister & Son, p. 53 :

“The system for coats, so far as we have already explained its operations, is adapted for all persons of an ordinary or proportionate form.  In practice, however, we find that by far the greater number of persons for whom we have to cut are not proportionate; hence it is evident, that, to correspond with such figures, some deviation should be made from the ordinary rule, or, rather, that the rule itself should so vary in its application as at once to produce a shape to accord with the requirements of the figure for which it is destined.”

So there…even in 1853 the majority of persons did not fit the base formulas for creating garments.  Things haven’t changed.  No wonder it’s depressing to go shopping. By definition, nothing fits.

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