My Wacom ‘Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch’ installed on Ubuntu

Woohoo! I got a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet during the holiday.  But it wouldn’t install on Ubuntu Lynx.  So I upgraded to Maverick.  Still no luck. I found several pages of advice and instruction, none of which yielded results. So I Googled until I found the bug listings for Ubuntu (my husband got a chuckle from all of this.)  Turns out all I needed to do was install Linux backport modules!  Thanks to Stefan Bader for discovering the work-around.

From the Ubuntu Software Centre I installed  Backported input drivers for generic kernel image, the name of the file is “linux-backports-modules-input-maverick-generic“.  It’s version is v2.  Reboot required after installing this package. The precise name of the file may be different if you’re using Lynx, but the listed title may be close or the same.

After reboot I installed Wacom’s MyPaint (also available through the Ubuntu Software Centre).  The settings listed devices as ‘disabled, screen, window’, so I was confused but I made no changes. Picked up the stylus and scribbled -  the tablet worked perfectly!

Then opened Gimp 2.6, opened Edit/Preferences/InputDevices/ConfigureExtendedInputDevices –> The Wacom Bamboo Finger Pad, Finger Touch, Pen eraser, Pen stylus were in the devices list, marked as disabled. Again I made no changes,  and the stylus worked perfectly.

Last test – opened Inkscape 0.48, selected ‘Draw Free Hand Lines’ – tablet worked fine.

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