Trousers with Reference Grid

After much work, I’ve developed a new pattern formula, basing it on a person’s actual measurements, not measurements over a similarly fitting garment. ┬áThis pattern is reproducible mathematically and retains proper shape and curve.

Steampunk Trousers with Reference Grid

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  1. Marina says:

    I found your blog, looking for a site about sewing and Inkscape.
    I’m italian, and I am a mod of an italian forum about Inkscape:
    I like sewing, and I like making sewing patterns, that I make drawing them, and then redrawing with Inkscape.
    I thought that nobody was interested making patterns with Inkscape, as told me Brynn in
    I’m glad to see that isn’t true.
    I’m interested to understand how to use the extension for Inkscape, and if it is better to use it with Linux, as I think.

  2. Susan says:

    Please watch my presentation at Libre Graphics. It’s almost an hour long, and you may need a translator.
    In the video I show the process to create an extension in Inkscape, and some of the initial programming methods used to create a pattern.
    It took me months to find all the info required to create an extension, so the 53 minute video is worth watching. The Inkscape website doesn’t have all this information in one place.

    Send me lots of email if you have questions – keep in touch, and you’ll be creating your own patterns soon!
    susan -Dot- spencer – AT – gmail -Dot- com

    – Susan

  3. Marina says:

    Thank you for your answer, I will watch your presentation, and I will try the extension. If I shall have problems, I send you an email.

  4. John says:

    Nice work with the patterns. I needed a little help on how to design patterna expecially with Inkscape, can you help me.

  5. Susan says:

    Hey John,
    What type of patterns are you creating? Are they for clothing, or routing, etc?
    – Susan

  6. Rebecca says:

    I’m interested I helping with your project. I’m currently and engineering student at Charles Darwin university in Australia. I have some experience in Visual basic PIc and C+. I had a little break for 4 years after having babies and I’m starting again this year. I need an Honours project in a year or 2 and this has grabbed my attention as I love to sew and knit. Would love to hear from you


  7. Susan says:

    Hey Rebecca!
    That’s great you’re in engineering! I’m currently trying to get the educational side of this up and running. Would you like to test patterns for the time being?

    – Susan

  8. Rebecca says:

    Would love to just send me an email and links to the scripts etc.

  9. Mikael says:

    Does the following git branch contain the most up to date source code?

  10. Mat Millard says:

    Hey Susan, I’ll be attending a steampunk themed wedding in May I was wondering if you had images of the final item (above). I’ll be happy to pay for the pattern as I’m not making the trousers myself and lack the understanding to envisage them.

    Regards Mat.

  11. Susan says:

    Hi Mat,
    Interesting that you should ask about this pattern. I reviewed the formulas just last night! Please check with me in 7 days for the updated pattern file.

    – Susan

  12. nurhussien says:

    hi susan am an Ethiopian an i like sewing i need to ask , can you send me your mail
    thank you.

  13. Karien says:

    Hi Susan, I am just wondering if you are still busy with your pattern software? My attention was drawn to your blog, but it seems to be very quiet there. You can contact me at if you like.

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