Steampunk Jacket Update

The wiki has been updated with the latest version of the Steampunk Jacket.  The sleeves and pockets are completed.  Still working on the collar and lapel.
Link here to current code files  The code has been cleaned up, repetitious code replaced with function calls, etc.  THe pocket flap pieces have been created with required extra fabric needed to sew onto jacket.  I will work out extra pieces for actual pocket to go underneath the pocket flaps. Still to come: lapel and collar.

The jacket was not finished, obviously, before  DragonCon.  But we had a great time.  Dylan stood two feet away from Summer Glau at the blood donor area, nobody else noticed her, and she smiled and waved at him.  No power in the Verse can take the smile off his face.

Here is result of latest version, no need to manually smooth the nodes.  But the seam allowance must still be added manually as posted previously.

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