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Steampunk Jacket Update

The wiki has been updated with the latest version of the Steampunk Jacket.  The sleeves and pockets are completed.  Still working on the collar and lapel. Link here to current code files  The code has been cleaned up, repetitious code … Continue reading

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Steampunk Jacket: Create seam allowance with Inkscape’s Outset feature

Current code files for Steampunk Jacket are here: http://www.sew-brilliant.org/wiki/index.php?title=Men’s_Steampunk_Jacket_1870-1900 Once the pattern is generated with the extension steampunk_jacket.inx and steampunk_jacket.py: 1.select all points that aren’t corners and set to auto-smooth.  Set points at the waist line and elbows to symmetrical. … Continue reading

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Steampunk Jacket Back and Front Pieces Done

I’ll try to post the file on the wiki soon.  These two pieces had to be generated from the same file, as they shared several reference lines.  I need to create patterns for the sleeve, both pockets, the collar, collar … Continue reading

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Simultaneous solving of equations – who knew it would come to this?

Oh yeah.  I had a shoulder line with a slope.  Needed to make a  dart perpendicular to shoulder line at the midpoint. Aha!  Get slope of shoulder line, negate & invert to get perpendicular slope.  Use midpoint as center point … Continue reading

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